Company Profile

Company Profile
Stock Code 6469
Industry Sectors Biotechnology and Medical Care
Company Name Great Tree Pharmacy Co.,Ltd.
Symbol Great Tree
Market TPEx Listed Company
Date of Listing 2016/03/30
Switchboard +886-3-433-3123
Fax number +886-3-433-3033
Address 18F.,No.186, Fuxing Rd., Taoyuan Dist.,Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan , R.O.C
Chairman of the Board Cheng Ming-Long
General Manager Cheng Ming-Long
Spokesman Lu Shan-Feng
Title of Spokesman Vice General Manager
Spokesperson Tel +886-3-433-3123
Deputy Spokesperson Wu Shu- Yi
Main business Our main businesses include management and trade of various drugs, health supplements, maternity and infant products, and cosmetics products. We also provide coordinated medicine procurement services to various clinics, outpatient centers, and medical communities. Besides, we are also an agency for domestic and foreign health care products sold in clinics, outpatient centers, and medical communities.
Tax Identification Number 12803476
Company Date of establishment May 15, 2001
Share capital amount-Common Stock 1,117,037,130
Date of Listing March 30, 2016
Ordinary shares 111,703,713 shares
Special Issue 0 shares
Stock transfer agency Taishin Securities stock transferagency department
Stock transfer agency Tel +886-2-2504-8125
Stock transfer agency address B1., No.96,Sec.1 Jianguo N.Rd., Zhongshan Dist.,Taipei city104,Taiwan.
CPA firm Ernst & Young
E-mail address