Corporate Structure

Responsibilities and functions of major departments

Department Responsibilities and functions
Audit Office
  1. Establishment, amendments, and reviews of the internal audit system.
  2. Discussion, approval, and amendments of the internal control system.
  3. Discussion, plan, and review of systems within subsidiaries.
Operation Department
  1. Establish strategies and operational management over store developments.
Store Development Department
  1. Develop new stores.
  2. Coordinate the measurement inspections and designs of various engineering projects.
  3. Supervise the construction quality and quality management of various engineering projects.
  4. Maintenance and management of engineering equipment.
  5. Revisions, establishments, promotions and implementation, and follow-up of various environmental and occupational safety and health regulations.
  6. Coordinate the implementation of health and safety inspections at all stores and head office.
Product Purchase and Marketing Department Development of product purchase and planning and carrying out of brand strategies.
Human Resource and Educational Training Department
  1. Planning and carrying out human resources tasks
  2. Personnel administration works
  3. Personnel educational training
Logistics Department
  1. Coordinate various tasks and operations related to logistics and warehousing.
Finance Department
  1. In charge of matters related to corporate finance
  2. Responsible of coordinating the Company's accounting tasks
Administration Department
  1. Information system management
  2. Administration works
  3. Management and maintenance over fixed assets and other assets