Labor Management Relations

Labor Management Relations

(I) The company’s employee welfare policies, continuing education, training, retirement systems and implementation status, the agreement between employees and employer and employees' rights and interests:

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    Employee benefit measures, continuing studies and training
    In addition to processing labor insurance and National Health Insurance for our employees in accordance with the law, the Company has also established an Employee Welfare Committee that promotes various employee benefit measures to award and to thank employees for their hard work. Employee benefits at the Company include the following types:
Type of benefit Content
Bonus Year-end bonus and performance-based bonus
Insurance Labor insurance, National Health Insurance, and employee group insurance
Holidays Special leaves, work-related injury leaves, personal leaves, sick leaves, marriage leaves, funeral leaves, maternity leaves, prenatal checkup leaves, paternity leaves, menstruation leaves, family care leaves, compensatory leaves, and pregnancy leaves
Grants and subsidies Employee health checkup, flu vaccinations, weddings and funerals, maternity benefit, sick and emergency allowances
Recreation Quarterly departmental luncheons, domestic and overseas trips, year-end lucky draw, coupons for answering questions during meetings
Holiday bonuses Gift certificates on the three traditional holidays and birthday coupons
Facilities Nursing room, employees lounge, smoking room, educational training center
Shopping Employees can purchase products from Great Tree Pharmacy at a discounted price.

      The Company gradually reformed the work environment for employees in 2017, renovated office areas and educational training classroom to provide comfortable work and learning environments. Various vending machines, coffee machine, and rice cookers are installed at the employee lounge. In addition, a nursing room has also been installed, allowing female workers to care for their families while working. The Company set aside NT$15,616,588 in 2022. However, due to the COVID-19 epidemic , in order to avoid flock, we failed to hold staff travel and health check. We plan to hold relevant staff welfare activities depending on the epidemic. In recent years, the Company has achieved stable revenues, and the allocations of benefits have also increased accordingly. The Employee Welfare Committee will appropriately review and adjust each benefit system to boost the morale of our employees.

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    Retirement system and implementation
    Labor Pension Act was enacted as of July 1, 2005 and the Company adopts defined contribution plans. Employees may elect to apply for either the provisions regarding pensions in the former Labor Standards Law, or the pension system in the current Labor Pension Act and reserve the seniority prior to application of such act. For employees who meet the criteria for the act, upon actuarial accounting from a commissioned actuary, the Company will contribute 2% of the salaries payable in each month toward the pension reserve. The reserve will be deposited to the dedicated pension fund account at the Bank of Taiwan under the name of the Worker Pension Reserve Supervisory Committee and has been approved by the Taoyuan County Government. The Pension Reserve Supervisory Committee meets every three months and is responsible for the supervision and review of appropriation of pension reserve, deposit, and expenditure. The Company set aside NT$46,594 for employees applicable to the Labor Standard Act in 2022. After July 2005, in line with the government's policy, personal pension reserve account is adopted, and the Company contributes 6% of the employee's monthly salary and deposits the amount into dedicated employee account at the Bureau of Labor Insurance. In the year of 2022, the amount allocated by the group according to the fixed allocation plan of the Labor Pension Ordinance was NT$46,891,852.
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    Labor relations agreements and protection of various employee rights and interests
    The Company's measures and regulations regarding labor relations management are all based upon relevant laws. Moreover, the Company has always maintained a self-management and full participation management style, where each department manager and his/her subordinates would effectively communicate through regular business meetings and educational training. Therefore, the Company maintains positive labor relations and has had no relevant disputes.
  2. The Company has always been committed to caring for our employees. To prevent occupational disasters and to protect worker safety and health, the Store Development Department has established a set of "Occupational Health and Safety Work Rules," and is responsible for amendments, establishments, promotions and follow-up of occupational health and safety regulations, as well as coordinating and implementing the health inspection tasks at all stores and the head office. The Company has organized labor relations meetings and an Occupational Safety and Health Committee in accordance with relevant laws. Both employer and employees nominated 5 representatives each and regularly convene meetings to discuss worker rights, benefits, and occupational safety matters.

(II) Losses arising as a result of labor disputes in the most recent year up to the date of publishing of this annual report, and disclosure of potential losses in the current and future terms and countermeasures Since our founding, the Company has always had a very harmonious labor relations and fluent channels of communication. The Company also organizes labor relations meetings and seminars to explain about Company policy. The management highly values opinions, needs, and questions from the workers, and strives to solve and to provide the best assistance possible. Therefore, no material labor dispute has broken out since the Company's inception. Looking to the future, under such a positive, interactive relation between the management and workers, we estimate that the chances of incurring losses due to labor disputes are very low.